Special Eductional Needs and Disability

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BACD has worked jointly with BACCH to developed the following resources for professionals:



Disability Matters

Disability Matters offers online learning sessions on a wide range of topics to help people reflect, challenge, and change their own fears, ideas, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours towards disabled people.

All the sessions can be completed as a one-off or stand-alone. Alternatively you can sign up to the Disability Matters learning community and complete several sessions or a Learning Package that can be recorded in a personal learning account

Disability Matters in Britain 2016 This report pulls together the views and experiences of disabled children, young people and their parents or carers with the aim of raising awareness of good practice being adopted already, encouraging others to follow their lead and to help ensure that disabled people of all ages are valued as equals in our communities. (30 Nov 2016)


On 23 March 2015 BACD chair Dr Karen Horridge presented at the Council for Disabled Children's Designated Medical / Clinical Officers networking summit. Karen's presentation and information sheets mentioned are below:
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