Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology

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For over 50 years, DMCN has defined the field of paediatric neurology and neurodisability and is one of the world's leading journals in the whole field of paediatrics. DMCN disseminates a range of information worldwide to improve the lives of disabled children and their families. The high quality of published articles is maintained by expert review, including independent statistical assessment, before acceptance. DMCN aims to enhance the care of children by worldwide dissemination of clinical research into the wide range of neurological conditions and disabilities that affect children.

DMCN is of interest to researchers, all health professionals concerned with developmental disability and child neurology, and others involved in the care of children and young people.

DCMN's 2009 impact factor has just been announced and has risen from 3.019 to 3.264. DMCN is now one of the few paediatric journals with a factor above 3, which also ranks it 6 out of 107 in the Pediatrics category and 52 out of 185 in the Clinical Neurology category. The journal's half life remains one of the longer at 8.6 years, which shows that papers are still being cited many years after publication.

For more information on the journal and how to submit a paper, please visit the DMCN website.

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