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With the help of the RCPCH, BACD has formed a database of the contact details of neurodisability leads for each child development team in the UK. Contact details include consultants name, telephone number, and postal and email address. This database is securely kept at the RCPCH. BACD intends the database to be a resource which allows clinicians to undertake research, audit and activities which help us bring about improvements in the interests of children with neurodisability, their families and clinicians. The database is an important resource and will be used sparingly. It will be updated periodically (last updated 2010).

  • Applications to contact neurodisability leads and their teams through the BACD are welcome. All contacts will be made through BACD, and names and addresses from the database will not be given to applicants. Applications might involve contacting all teams in a region, a random selection of teams, or all teams in the UK.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the BACD executive committee. Informal advice regarding applications pre submission is available on request. Applications should be sent to Kelly Robinson at
  • Feedback about whether your application has been successful will be given within one month of submission. Please note that clinicians are very busy, and have limited time available to complete requests which are very time consuming. Therefore requests which will take up more than 30 minutes of a clinicians time are unlikely to be successful.

The application form may be download here or by emailing

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