The BACD Trainees' Representative is Dr Sandia George, who is a ST6 Paediatric Neurodisability trainee currently working at Sunderland Royal Hospital. Sandia sits on the BACD executive committee to feedback information/concerns from trainees on any issues. To contact Sandia, please email

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Should you train in Paediatric Neurodisability (PND)? It is important to understand the differences between training in the subspecialty of paediatric neurodisability and training in other related subspecialties, especially community child health (CCH). Because of the high prevalence of disability in children, the majority of children with disabilities will continue to be managed by community and also general paediatricians. It follows therefore that CCH (and to a lesser extent general paediatric training) will continue to include a significant proportion of training time in neurodisability as set out in the CCH competency document. Training in CCH will be broader than neurodisability training and will also include wider training in social paediatrics, child protection and public health aspects of child health. Click here for the full PND advice.

NTN Grid The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health runs the NTN Grid Scheme to allow trainees to compete for subspecialty training programmes available nationally. On an annual basis Deaneries are asked to submit approved programmes of subspecialty training to the College for that year's grid matching process. The Grid enables workforce planning so appropriate numbers of subspecialists are trained without allowing the situation to arise where trainees complete highly specialised training with little chance of obtaining a consultant post in that subspecialty. Click here for more information.
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